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These Content and Community Guidelines ("Guidelines") govern your use of ALAP mobile/handheld device application and website i.e. ____________________ (collectively, the "Platform") and is made, managed and owned by/on behalf of Enterprise software Private Limited ), a private limited company incorporated under the provisions of Companies Act,2013 having its registered office at ___________________________________.

You are: 

  1. Any individuals, organizations or institutions, who have registered with Alap/entered into privity of contractual relationship in nature of contract for service, contract of service and so on, and includes their affiliates and authorized personnel, or any form of business organization engaged in rendering/assisting the services/facilities/features to the Alap in any manner whatsoever (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Service Providers”);
  2. Any individual and or institution who/which has registered by providing the registration data & accessing the web platform, in order to avail the services/License to use the Web Platform as are offered without any cost for time period as decided by Alap hereinafter referred to as Licensee ; or

The Service Providers, Licensee and Visitors shall also individually/collectively be referred to as the “You/ Your/Users”

These Guidelines are to be read and applied in simultaneous co-extension to  Terms and Conditions of Use of Platform, Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy (collectively and jointly referred to as "Terms"). The words used in these guidelines and not defined herein shall have the same meaning as is ascribed to such words in the Terms.

ALAP reserves the right to change these guidelines from time to time in case of need. The latest updated version is always available at ______________________

Our Platform connects you with people from across India and other parts of the world. The community that we have created is diverse and receptive to a variety of content but the Platform is accessed by a variety of audience, which may include minors and young adults. Hence, in order to ensure that all our users follow a standard practice and to foster a safe environment for you to creatively express yourselves, we have put in place strict guidelines and restrictions, which govern the usage of the Platform.


ALAP actively removes content which is not allowed on our Platform and violates both our Guidelines & Terms as well as applicable Indian laws. If such content violates any guidelines/terms per se , ALAP has a express right to take it down or ban user accounts. If any user come across any content that violates these Guidelines/Terms, we encourage you to report it. The intent of the creator is important. ALAP understands the importance of creative freedom, however we do not welcome content that intends to bring discomfort, spread what may be considered hate speech and abuse, promotes violence and illegal activities or impedes the creator or artist ecosystem on ALAP, rather we support seamless and consistent experience of ALAP features.

  1. Adherence to Applicable Laws

That all the content, including without limitation, content that is uploaded, posted, commented on, or shared by user on our Platform, must adhere to the laws of India, including without limitation, the Indian Penal Code,1860 and, the Information Technology Act, 2000 along with all rules and amendments made under such laws. ALAP cooperate with legal authorities and follow enforcement mechanisms in cases of breach of applicable laws.

Content may not be uploaded, posted, commented on, or shared by user if it threatens the unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign States, or public order. User may not post or engage with content that is insulting to any other nation, incites the commission of any offences or prevents the investigation of offences.

  1. Nudity and Pornography

ALAP allows content that may have limited sexual imager may be decided by Alap in its sole discretion, provided it is posted for artistic and educational purposes, public awareness, humor or satirical purposes. Content which contains the following is prohibited on the Platform and will be considered as a strict violation of these Guidelines:

  1. Obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic or nude material or images/videos that expose private parts (sexual organs, female breasts and nipples, buttocks) and/or portray sexual activities;
  2. videos or images of people in compromising positions or content which portrays sexual actions or fetish or erotic intent or sexual arousal;
  1. content that exploits or endangers any person (for example, listing of phone numbers, or other personal information aimed at any exploitation or endangerment of a person including for the purposes of encouraging or soliciting prostitution or escort services);
  2. Bestiality or zoophilia;
  3. Content that is paedophile or related to child pornography (including without limitation, creation, promotion, glorification, transmission or browsing of child pornography); or
  1. Harassment or Bullying

ALAP strongly condemn any kind of harassment or bullying on our Platform. We intend to give our users the freedom to express themselves without the fear of emotional or psychological distress. We urge users to ignore any content that you may find petty and annoying. In addition to this, we also encourage you to report any such content that harasses another person or intends to degrade or shame any individual.

Content which qualifies as a violation of these Guidelines includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Posting abusive language or curse words, morphed images, and/or malicious recordings.
  2. Objectifying, insulting or harassing someone based on their race, caste, colour, disabilities, religion, sexual preferences and /or making sexual advances or otherwise engaging in sexual misconduct will not be tolerated on this Platform. Similarly, extorting or blackmailing any individual otherwise or based on the abovementioned content is strictly prohibited.
  1. any image or information of a person that is shared without their consent with an intent to harass, distress or endanger them.
  2. false information posted to harass someone for financial gain, or cause any injury to them

However, if a matter involves critical discussion and deliberation of such individuals who are featured in the news or tend to have a large public audience, we may allow it subject to the Terms and these Guidelines.

  1. Content Rights and Liabilities
  2. ALAP strongly believe in the freedom of expression and allows users to share videos on our Platform. We do not have any ownership over any of the content shared by you and the rights in the content remain only with you. You will not use our Platform to violate or infringe upon our or any third-party’s intellectual property rights. Such content is against the ALAP Content and Community Guidelines and may be removed from the Platform. Further, if you use any content developed by us, then we shall continue to own the intellectual property rights vested in such content.
  1. By sharing/posting/uploading content using ALAPs’ Services, user grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to host, use, distribute, run, copy, display, translate, or create derivative works of your content (consistent with your privacy and application settings) for limited purposes such as for providing, upgrading or improving the Services, marketing, promoting you/ the Services or for displaying your User Content on lite, limited or other variant versions of the ALAP platform You remain solely responsible for the content you post on our Platform. We do not endorse and are not responsible for any content shared or posted on or through our Platform, and for any consequences resulting out of such sharing or posting. The presence of our logo or any trademark on any content shared by you does not mean that we have endorsed or sponsored your content. Further, we will not be liable for or responsible for the consequences of any transactions made or entered into by you with other users of the Platform or advertisers on the Platform.

e . Intellectual Property

  1. ALAP aims to safeguard intellectual property rights and consider violations of such rights as serious misconduct. All content such as literary, musical, dramatic, artistic, sound recordings, cinematographic works, is subject to intellectual property protection.
  1. Posting content on the Platform which is not original and is copied from an individual/organisation who owns the intellectual property rights in such content/works is not allowed. Any content which violates the intellectual property rights of third parties will be taken down and strict action will be taken against users who are repeat defaulters. If you wish to reshare such content from within the Platform, kindly do not remove any attributions, watermarks and original captions which state the authentic source of the content. In addition to this, please take the required permissions and give due credits to your fellow users or any other organisation/individual who own the intellectual property rights in such content by mentioning their name and /or the original source.

f . Violence/Hate Speech and Propaganda

  1. Violence includes all content that causes discomfort to our users due to the goriness in the content, such as but not limited to graphical images or videos that glorify violence and suffering, or intends to incite violence, depiction of physical violence or animal cruelty. Content which promotes dangerous and illegal activities, or praises individuals, groups or leaders involved in terrorism, organized violence or criminal activities is strictly prohibited.
  1. Educative or informative content pertaining to violence may be allowed on the Platform. Violent content on the Platform in the form of fictional set-up, martial arts may be permitted subject to these Guidelines.
  1. You must not use slurs or other derogatory terms intended to disparage an ethnicity, race, or any other protected attributes listed above.


  1. Abuse, Self-Injury or Suicide
  2. ALAP do not permit content that exhibits suicide or such tendencies, triggers self-injury and harm or encourages participation in dangerous activities. Posting any content that relates to physical, mental, sexual, or psychological maltreatment, neglect or abuse of any person, be it that of a child or an adult, is strictly condemned. Content showcasing self-harm, glorifying self injury or suicide or even stating instructions on how to commit self-harm through any means is not allowed. Further, content that identifies, tags, attacks and negatively targets or makes fun of victims and survivors of psychological/physical maltreatment, abuse, self-injury or domestic abuse or any other form of violence is prohibited.
  3. ALAP allows content that intends to provide support, aid and relief to those undergoing such serious issues. We also allow users to share their experiences which may provide coping mechanisms for those who need help, subject to the intent of posting such content.

h Illegal Activities

  1. ALAP have zero-tolerance for content that advocates or promotes illegal activities. We prohibit content related to organized crime, criminal activities, promotion/sale/use of weapons, firearms and explosives, violence or terrorist activities. Sale of illegal goods or services, regulated goods, drugs and controlled substances, and soliciting or selling of sexual services is strictly forbidden.
  2. We do not permit content that is harassing, harmful, or abusive to children.
  1. Users are not allowed to post content that displays tutorials or instructions or educates the users about illegal and prohibited activities including, but not limited to participating in criminal activities, making bombs or encouraging or doing or trading in drugs. Do not use our Platform to solicit or facilitate any transaction or gift involving such goods and services which are declared illegal by the Government of India
  2. Impersonating another person (such as your family, friends, celebrities, brands or any other individuals/organizations) and distributing false or misleading information on our Platform in order to make personal or financial gain will be considered fraud.
  3. Content that contains computer viruses, malware, or any other computer code designed to restrict the functionality of any computer resource cannot be uploaded on the Platform.
  1. Revealing someone’s personal data or sensitive personal information, including without limitation: contact information, address, financial information, Aadhar Number, healthcare information, sexual or intimate images and videos, passport information, or threatening someone to reveal or use such information, will be considered as harassment, and such activities are strictly unacceptable.


j . Misinformation

ALAP aims to combat the spread of misinformation on our Platform. Any kind of content, which spreads deliberate misinformation, disinformation, hoaxes or fake propaganda, with the intent to mislead the users or general public at large, is not permitted. We prohibit posting of content that exaggerates an existing piece of news by introducing non-factual elements into it.



When you use our Platform, we expect you to follow certain norms.

  1. Tag It Right

All posts should be tagged with the most appropriate tag. If such a tag doesn’t exist, then create one accordingly. Any content posted with an irrelevant or inapplicable tag, if reported, will be removed from the feed.

  1. Stay on Topic

ALAP is a very active platform. Make sure that any content that you post, and any discussion you participate in, relates to the caption and tags of the post. Content that does not relate to the caption or tags, or is unreasonable for a particular post, will be removed. Do not go off-track.

  1. Multiple/Fake Profiles

Creating a fake profile of an individual or organization and impersonating someone in a misleading or deceiving manner, with or without the intention of harassing or bullying them, is not allowed. We permit exceptions for community profiles, informative profiles and fan profiles of public figures. Satire or parody accounts of public figures are also permitted as long as the intention is not to mislead other users and the same is clearly mentioned in the profile description or profile status.

  1. Safety and Security

Harassing someone or using abusive language in the posts or comments while addressing another user is not allowed. That users are strictly directed to not do anything, which may make other users feel uncomfortable. Action will be taken against you if you try to create hostile situations for other users.

  1. Beware of Legal Consequences

Ignorance of law is not an excuse to escape liability for your actions. In order to use our Platform, user will need to comply with laws and regulations that govern conduct in the digital environment. Kindly respect all applicable laws while using our Platform. Any content featuring, encouraging, offering, promoting, glorifying or soliciting illegal activities will not be tolerated.

  1. Evading Suspension

Our decision to suspend any account of user is binding upon the user. Any attempt to circumvent the suspension by creating other accounts, identities, personalities, or presence on another user's account will also result in suspension. If you try to evade suspension, we may be compelled to terminate your account with us and block user from registering with us.


ALAP may revise, supplement, update, and otherwise modify these community guidelines from time to time. Any updates, revisions, supplements, and modifications will be updated on the Platform and a notification to this effect will be updated/ reflected in the community guidelines section. We hereby recommend that users periodically check the Platform to keep himself/ herself updated of the revised community guidelines. Your continued use of the Services on or through the Platform will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of the community guidelines (including revisions thereof).



When you see any content or activity that violates these Guidelines, please tap or click on the REPORT button. When you report content, we will process and review the content. If we find the content or activity to be unsuitable for our Platform, we will remove it. If you believe any content on the Platform infringes your rights as a copyright holder, you can file a copyright claim by sending an email to -_______________________ and the same will be assessed for further review and action. There may be such content on the Platform, which you do not like, but the same does not violate these Guidelines. In that case, we request you to either unfollow or block such users.


ALAP is an intermediary as per the applicable laws. We do not control what our users post, comment, share or say on the Platform and are not responsible for their (or your) actions (whether online or offline). ALAP is not responsible for services and features offered by others even if you access them through our Services. Our responsibility and liability for anything that happens on our Platform is strictly governed and limited by the laws of India.

ALAP expects you to be responsible for what you post and what you see. If any of our users report your content to be against these Guidelines, we may take enforcement actions as necessary.



In case the content you upload or post, or your activity is reported by another user and removed from our Platform, we will notify you of such removal and our reasons for the same. If the User has any query regarding Alap, or the Website, or the Terms of Use, or any other related matter or If you believe that your content has been unfairly removed, User can reach Alap by

  1. Sending an email to _________________
  2. Contacting the Grievance Officer
  1. If the User has any other grievance with respect to the Website, the Grievance Officer, who is appointed as per the requirements of the Information Technology Act, 2000, can be reached out. All endeavors may be made by such officer to address the grievance within 30 days of notifying the Grievance Officer.

ALAP takes strict and prompt action against those who violate these Guidelines. If your profile is reported for violating these Guidelines, then your profile may be suspended temporarily. In case of repeated breach of these Guidelines, we may be compelled to terminate your account with us permanently and block you from registering with us.

If required, ALAP will cooperate with legal authorities and law enforcement mechanisms. Please note that we are under no obligation to assist you.